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David Lynch: "Creating the Outstanding School"

FromAustralia's leading teaching and teacher education researcher comes a book about creating the outstanding school. Lynch, Madden and Doe provide an easy to read text that is all about ensuring every student gets a quality education. Each chapter explains, in easy to read terms, a set of ideas and research-based strategies that schools and their teachers can employ to reform their school. The book identifies for the reader and then explains the key research-based elements that lie at the heart of creating the outstanding school. The book features the Collaborative Teacher Learning Model and the elements of 'teaching,' 'leadership', 'coaching', 'mentoring', 'feedback', 'data driven decision-making', 'high impact instruction' and the idea of 'teachers as researchers' as the embodiment of a school-based strategy for creating the outstanding school. This book is compulsive reading for teachers and school leaders and those who care about our children's education future.

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Dr David Turner: "School Leader as Researcher"

David Turner is Director of Professional Learning for the Queensland Association of State School Principals in Australia. He has enjoyed a diverse career in school leadership working in small rural schools through to large complex urban schools. He has taught in Queensland, Victoria and in British Columbia, Canada and also spent over three years working in the tertiary sector as Head of Campus and Head of School. In this book David outlines a model for school leaders to engage in research and in doing so improve the performance of their school.

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John Madden: Teacher Professional Learning

For teachers, there are limited opportunities to engage in critically reflective activities about their instructional practice. In an increasingly complex and challenging profession, the need for teachers, principals, and school systems to become involved in professional development activities is ever-present. This book offers insight into one school's journey to provide a job-embedded professional learning experience through the use of action research. Given that Action research is an approach teachers use to improve their pedagogy and practice, the collaborative co-teaching practice simply builds upon the reflection and critical self-reflection that teachers employ on a daily basis in their classroom. The first part of the book outlines the philosophy and the framework for the teachers as researcher program while the second part reports on key action research projects undertaken by senior leaders of the school. The book concludes with a commentary on the future of teacher professional learning.

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Tony Yeigh: "Towards a Strategic Blend in Education: A review of the blended learning literature."

How might schools harness technological innovation for classroom effects? In this book the authors seek to answer this question by introducing and investigating the concept of Blended Learning through a review of current research literature. In this book, the authors consolidate the current state of Blended Learning research, by defining what is meant by Blended Learning before discussing specific technologies used in Blended Learning, the professional development required of teachers and how to implement whole of school Blended Learning regimes in schools. The book includes descriptions of popular Blended Learning models with real-world examples of their implementation, addressing both student and teacher perspectives. This book will serve as a guide to hastening the progress of Blended Learning towards the improvement of student outcomes in a world of continuous technological innovation and social change.

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