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Joanne Fergusson: "A Guide to Home Tutoring"

Joanne Fergusson is a mother of one child who lives in Melbourne with her husband who works at Melbourne University. Joanne has a Diploma in Teaching and has had many years of experience tutoring students. She likes to read, run a few times a week, sew and go on adventures.  In writing her book on home tutoring, Joanne wanted to feel more organised as a tutor herself in COVID times and also to share her wealth of knowledge. What emerged is a book entitled A Guide To Home Tutoring. “I believe the book is very helpful for tutors and parents wanting to give students the edge at school. The charts, pictures, cartoons, tips, and activities all make the book a fantastic helpful book” says Joanne. 





What's New in Our Bookshop?

Dane Peters: "The Dane Peters Story"

Dane Peters tells a remarkable story about personal courage and indomitable human will. From the initial emergency room admission to the long hard road of rehabilitation, Dane Peters tells his story: a moving account of him as a little boy who battled against health odds to reach adulthood with pride and determination to carve out a fruitful and happy life. The Dane Peters story is an interesting and enlightening read for people from all walks of life. From the health professionals who are called upon to support people who have suffered a devastating illness to those who have themselves suffered such an illness, this is a story about believing and achieving. But above all this is a story to be enjoyed by anyone who is moved by accounts of the triumph of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

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Joanne Fergusson: "A Guide to Home Tutoring"

Tutoring is an enrichment for a student. When a tutor gives a student undivided attention with their work, dramatic improvements can take place. Tutors are like coaches helping students do their best. This book aims to give tutors the knowledge and skills needed to help learners develop. Face to face tutoring helps students understand concepts being taught at school. By identifying issues in understanding areas of learning, tutors find ways to help students further that learning. Learn how to help students feel safe, happy and confident. Raise the bar and boost learning for students at a Primary level. In doing personalised learning you will reinforce skills, enhance school learning and watch students become confident learners. In this book you will find up to date assessment and reporting strategies based on the latest implementations at schools, current ideas for resources and the latest teaching objectives and techniques. With fascinating and imaginative planning of activities, the students will develop talents in Literacy and Mathematics. In a later section, you will find examples of outcomes and activities which are designed for three levels: Pre School (for early schoolers in need of catching up), Early Schoolers and Years 2 and above.

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Dr David Turner: "School Leader as Researcher"

David Turner is Director of Professional Learning for the Queensland Association of State School Principals in Australia. He has enjoyed a diverse career in school leadership working in small rural schools through to large complex urban schools. He has taught in Queensland, Victoria and in British Columbia, Canada and also spent over three years working in the tertiary sector as Head of Campus and Head of School. In this book David outlines a model for school leaders to engage in research and in doing so improve the performance of their school.

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Michael B. Lynch " Steel Under Fire"

Light gauge Steel Frame (LSF) wall systems are commonly used in residential and commercial construction due to their numerous benefits. With the increased use of LSF systems and a greater importance on fire safety needed, research on LSF systems has changed focus to complex LSF systems as a potential method to improve fire resistance. Complex systems are increasingly being used in situations of increased load-bearing or acoustic requirements, however, there is not sufficient data on the fire and structural performance of complex systems in the staggered configuration. This book thus analyses and reports the thermal and structural performance of complex staggered LSF wall systems, so as to improve understanding of heat transfer mechanisms within the system and assess the potential of the system for use in structural applications.

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