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Logo 12  Why choose Primrose Hall?

Primrose Hall Publishing Group, an international networked publishing house, provides fast and cost effectivepublishing and editorial services for fiction authors and research-based / non-fiction / academic, scholars and writers. We also act as agents for your published works ensuring you get maximum exposure. Our experienced team of book editors are available to provide you with the advice, guidance and assistance you require.

Our published books are listed with the following book distribution channels: Google Books, Amazon.com, Lulu inc, Barnes and Nobel, Ingram's Database, Fishpond, The Nile, James Bennett, ALS, Peter Pal and Co-op Book Stores Australia


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What does it take to get published?

We are a ‘can do’ company.  We publish:  'Paper Back';  'Hard Back' and 'E-Books with their own promotional/  'purchase access' website'

We achieve your publication goals by assessing the market potential of your book. There are two classes of publication we operate under. Each has different publication requirements.

A Defined Book Market

A defined book market essentially indicates that there is a ready-made selling market for the planned book. In most cases this means the book will be used as a textbook or has been submitted by an established and published author.

No Defined Book Market

Most authors find themselves in this class and thus find it hard to get published. Primrose Hall Publishing Group is the market leader in this class.  Most authors have an idea for a book and need it to be published. We can help by providing fast and efficient publication options. For most books in this class we require a minimuminitial book purchase by the author --on which no royalties are paid-- or an agreement from a retailer to sell a quantity of books at the RRP.  The number of books required to be purchased depends on the size of the book, the editorial work required to have the book at printing stage and the number of photos, digital graphics to be included.


Paper Back (Hard or Soft Cover)


No Defined Book Market

Defined Book Market

Defined or No defined Market

Publication costs to be paid




Paper Back


Hard Back



Colour front cover + black and white text on white/ cream paper inside


Colour front cover + colour printing inside

This is an optional extra.

E-Book Version 

Your own personal book editor

Your own personal graphic artist 


Listing in Amazon.com and in all major on-line book outlets

Royalties Paid

Minimum up-front book purchases required (or an agreed sales proposal) 


We market your book

You decide the book price



Custom cover design

Custom Promotional Website  (and book access point) with:

-direct sales functions

-unique domain name

-site development

This is an optional extra.




"You too can get published"


I want to get published, what now?

Contact our editorial team for a no obligation project plan and assessment.

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Royalty Schedule 



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